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Commercial Locksmith Services London

Islington Locksmiths is the most trustworthy choice for London commercial businesses of all sizes. We offer comprehensive London Locksmith solutions for your Commercial business needs. We can do master keying to keyless entry systems and a full service of all your locks in order to make sure they are all workings as they should be. No job is ever to big for us at islington locksmiths. 


Allow Islington Locksmith professionals to handle your business security

We take your business security seriously as locksmiths in London and go the extra mile to ensure that your commercial business stays secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No problem is too big for our highly trained Islington locksmiths to handle. Islington Locksmiths will get you ready to say bye to security concerns at your business, call us today for a free commercial London Locksmith estimate.

We handle all types of lockouts

Getting locked out of your home or business can be a hassle, if not a bit scary. We at Islington Locksmiths hold ourselves to the highest standards. We only send fully qualified and vetted London Locksmith technicians who have a friendly and professional attitude.

Non Destructive Entry Methods

London Locksmith specialists are available 24/7 to solve your lockout without drilling or breaking your lock. Whether you accidentally locked your door forgetting your keys inside your house or you lost the keys to your filing cabinet, our rapid London Locksmith response lockout team is here to help, even on holidays and weekends.

Fast Response
Our expert 24 hr London locksmiths are standing by in all covered London areas at all times. We can be on-scene quickly and ready to help.
Repair, Install or Replace
Islington locksmiths can service or replace all types of locks and door hardware with our 24/7 London locksmith services in Islington and surrounding London areas.
Background Checked Team
All Islington locksmith small team of locksmiths have been background checked, they are highly trained, and are experts in their field of locksmithing.
We believe in delivering the best London locksmith service to all our customers. Your security comes first. You can rely on our emergency locksmiths team to secure your property to the highest standard and trust us to meet your satisfaction.
Every one of our highly skilled locksmiths carries out the work required with the minimum amount of damage to your property and always clean up after themselves.
Affordable and low-cost commercial Locksmith Prices
In order to get the best rates on your commercial locksmith services please feel free to call us today. Contact us now and speak to a locksmith technician to see how we can save you money and hassle which normally comes when dealing with a London locksmiths company.
Our services are available 24 hours a day, providing expert professional solutions on all your commercial locksmith needs.
Give us a call on 020 3189 1192

How to choose a good commercial locksmith in London

 Whether you’ve been locked out, or your key has broken in the lock, not being able to access your house can feel like an emergency. Understandably, these situations can induce panic and stress and could cause a major inconvenience for people. Unfortunately, this anxiety can influence a poor decision that could end up being very costly for you.
You do not want to make an already stressful situation even worse by picking a locksmith who doesn’t have a license or is in fact not a qualified locksmith. In the UK, locksmiths are not regulated by the government or an official body. As you may not be aware there are quite a number of locksmith scammers out there, which means that anyone can trade as a locksmith irrespective of their skill, background or motive which in turn makes finding a skilled, experienced and trustworthy locksmith all more difficult.
Knowing whom to contact before finding yourself in an actual emergency locksmith situation will make the process easier, safer and ensure a high-quality service. If you would like to learn more about Islington Locksmiths services please call us now. 


The average home or business owner only hardly requires the services of a London locksmith. For this reason, it is unlikely that you are firmly familiar with the exact nature of a locksmith’s work, pricing, or code of conduct. There are some misunderstandings as to what locksmiths can and can’t do. You may be under the impression that a locksmith is the answer to any lock-related problem. But this, sadly, is not the case.

The locksmithing market is also crowded with fraudulent practitioners. Rogue locksmiths are a stain on the profession, making life difficult for their victims, and souring the reputations of upstanding locksmiths in the process.

These factors make it crucial for anyone considering enlisting the help of a locksmith to become well-informed. With this guide, you’ll know what to expect, when you may need to hire one, and what locksmiths can and can’t do.

What can professional  London locksmiths do?

Locks are a locksmith’s domain. It’s safe to say that a locksmith will be able to aid you with almost any lock-related needs. As well as providing immediate assistance for those facing an emergency, like being locked out of the house, locksmiths can also provide advice on how best to secure all entry points to your property with a lock, including garages and windows.

Can London locksmiths open any door?

In short, almost always. There are locksmiths which specialise in certain kinds of locks (such as Banham locks) but in general, locksmiths can usually open all types of locks out there. To guarantee a locksmith’s service, however, it is useful to provide them with valid ID and/or proof of ownership of the property or business in question. In many cases, both will be required, but if it’s clear you have been locked out momentarily, simple verbal identification from a neighbour or similar will often suffice. Any criminals attempting to use a locksmith to break into a property will find themselves unlucky thanks to measures like these by professional London locksmiths.

Can London locksmiths open safes?

In cases of forgotten codes, flat batteries or missing keys, a locksmith may be required to regain access to a safe. In these cases, specialist locksmiths are often needed who are experts in opening safes. It is best to contact the safe’s manufacturer or the place from which your safe was purchased.

What can’t professional London locksmiths do?

As we have mentioned, fully qualified locksmiths can help in almost any lock-related crisis, but there are some things they can’t do. It is self-evident that a locksmith cannot unlock a door to break you into a property you do not own or reside in. They also cannot use credit cards to unlock doors, no matter how persistent this urban myth has become.

How much does a professional London locksmith cost?

Rogue locksmiths are notorious for overcharging, so much so that many people mistakenly believe that all locksmithing jobs will cost a fortune. This, of course, is not the case. Genuine, professional London locksmith companies will have confirmed, unwavering prices for every kind of job they offer, with no hidden costs whatsoever. Normally, there will be a standard call-out charge in the region of £90, with an additional £45 for every half hour.

Keep these price points in mind if you think you may be dealing with a rogue locksmith or a scammer. Confirming the costs in advance is a guaranteed way of sifting out the fraudulent, rogue locksmiths that will charge enormous sums for little work, and tack-on additional charges. If your locksmith refuses to give a firm estimate before carrying out the work, it is likely you are dealing with a rogue tradesman. Furthermore, always make sure that the locksmith whose services you are enlisting are members of the MLA to guarantee that they are vetted and trustworthy. All Islington locksmiths are MLA-approved and CRB checked which means that we are able to provide top quality, reliable service, and unmatched craftsmanship.

How to hire a professional London locksmith (without falling victim to a scam)

One of the most frequent ways individuals find locksmiths is over the internet. Often in moments of panic, while locked out of the house, these customers quickly type “London locksmith” into their mobile phones’ search bars (or “locksmiths near me” if they want something more specific) and leave Google to do the rest.

While swift and convenient, this approach is somewhat misguided. Google’s search results for terms like these are not vetted, meaning anyone can create an acceptable-looking web page and advertise their locksmithing services regardless of qualification, experience, or intention.

Far and away the best method of finding a reliable locksmith is via an established Locksmith company like Islington Locksmiths and word of mouth, exceptional reputable reviews. With a big name like Islington Locksmiths providing the locksmith you require, you can guarantee a quality service. Islington locksmiths has spent years building its reputation by providing professional, MLA-approved, high-quality locksmith services. Each and every customer interaction has to live up to the highest industry standards. Calling Banham’s official number will direct you to some of the most skilled locksmiths in the country, and the only professional locksmiths who will guarantee the lowest price for fitting your high-security locks, such as Banham and Ingersoll locks.


We have a fast response time incase of emergency (15 to 30 minutes of your call)

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  • Accepting Cash Or Credit Cards.

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